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Why Choose Medica

At Medica, we believe that "better" is a choice, and every day we make health care better for thousands of people, one individual at a time. From our beginnings, we have worked to introduce key innovations that make health care services more accessible and affordable for customers, while improving the quality and coordination of health care delivery, so that our members and their providers can make more informed decisions. In simple terms, our philosophy is that better information brings better results, ultimately leading to better health. In partnership with our customers, we work to provide a tailored, integrated set of health and well-being products and services. We believe that we offer the best solutions available in a highly competitive marketplace.

At Medica, we believe that different isn't always better, but better is always different.

We work in partnership with our employer groups and their members to promote healthy behaviors and improve health care decision-making. More than any other health plan, Medica responds to our members' needs with tailor-made programs and resources that support them in improving their health and making the most of their benefits.


Our personalized approach:

  • Drives the right behaviors
  • Drives improvements in health and productivity
  • Results in improvements in health care costs
  • Generates cost savings for employer groups


We empower our members to take action:

  • Increased engagement in health and wellness activities
  • Improved understanding of their health status
  • Motivating behavior change through incentives and rewards
  • Make educated health care decisions through transparency tools and resources


We improve the member experience and our clients' ability to manage health care costs:

  • Improvements in health
  • Increased knowledge in benefits and plan designs
  • Reduction in care costs through aggressive pay for outcomes contracting strategies

Contact your Medica representative to learn more.

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