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Administrative Resources

Personal Care Assistance

The following tools are available to personal care assistance (PCA) providers in working with Medica, to ensure that all administrative processes are followed and that claims related to PCA services are paid as efficiently as possible.

Personal Care Assistance Forms

Fax your completed Department of Human Services PCA form to Medica Health Management at 952-992-3556. All forms should be submitted to Medica for processing and scheduling of services. Incorrect forms, forms with missing information or forms that cannot be read, will result in a delay of the PCA assessment.

Note: Medica DUAL Solution® members (enrolled in Minnesota Senior Health Options, or MSHO) and Medica Choice Care MSC+ members (enrolled in Minnesota Senior Care Plus, or MSC+), please contact the member’s care coordinator directly for PCA requests and changes and do not fax the forms listed below.

Payments for Personal Care Assistance Services

For efficient payment related to PCA services, PCA providers are encouraged to keep their demographic information as up-to-date as possible with Medica by using the Provider Demographic Update Online Tool (PDOT).

See the PDOT User Guide to learn more (PDF)
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Non-Participating PCA Providers

Members who are new to Medica and have been receiving PCA services at the time of enrollment with Medica can continue to receive PCA services from a non participating/out of network PCA provider for up to 120 days. Medica does not want members’ PCA services interrupted due to their enrollment with Medica.

Non-Participating PCA Provider Billing Process for MSHO (Medica DUAL Solutions) and MSC+ (Medica ChoiceCare) Members (.doc)

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